Escape & Bailout Products

DEUS ROW G Anchor Choker

Our flagship Rope-Over-Wire anchor choker is an innovative anchor connector for escape and rescue. Meets ANSI and NFPA standards.

DEUS ROW G3 Anchor Choker

Our heavy-duty Rope-Over-Wire anchor choker was designed for firefighters. It gives you the strength of steel cable with the flexibility of rope. Certified to NFPA and ANSI standards.


The lightest weight Rope-Over-Wire anchor choker, for industrial escape and rescue in any situation. Meets the ANSI Z359.4 standard.

DEUS Edge Pro™ Deluxe Edge Protector

Protects static or moving rope rigged over sharp edges to reduce friction and prevent rope damage. Lightweight, quick and simple to rig and easy to use.

DEUS 3700 Controlled Descent Device

ANSI-,  CSA-, and EN- rated for 590 ft (180 m) descents, the 3700 is designed for individual escape, assisted rescue and multi-person evacuation in a variety of at-height work environments.